Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of waste do we collect?

    JUST POLYTHENE FILMS : Currently collecting only LDPE (Low Density Polythene films) such as; Pure-water sachets, PET plastics, shrink films, cling films (for wrapping luggage), industrial packaging waste items, polybags.

  2. How do I identify LDPE films?

    They mostly have more elasticity than other types of polythene films and they make less noise when squeezed together.

  3. What do I get for giving recyclables?

    We scale the films per kilogram (kg) and pay between ₦80 – ₦130 depending on how clean or the quantity delivered.

  4. When can I get my reward?

    Payment is on delivery.

  5. When do you come for pickup?

    We can arrange free transport for over 300kg; less than 300kg would mean you delivering at your own cost.

  6. Do you receive other types of polythene films or plastics?

    We may decide to collect them, recycle and resell to relevant industries but we have that on hold for now.

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